Quick Drill: Apparatus Drill for Appliances


So, sometimes we need a change of pace or we've had a busy day on shift, but we still need to drill. Or, maybe your at your volunteer department and you have some guys just hanging out waiting for the next call.


 Here is a quick drill that, in many cases, will turn into a great discussion and even progress into some flowing of water or advancing of lines.


As the company officer we are tasked with drilling our company and personnel. It doesn't matter whether your paid or volunteer, the task is the same.  For this drill make a list of the hose appliances and equipment you have on your apparatus.





–Give each member the correct name or lable for one piece of equipment.

–Make them correctly retrieve it and identify it and to hook it up or depoly it.

–They have to give a little presentation on what it is for, how your organization uses it and a scenario that would require its use.  This should include flow rates, friction loss, limitations, capabilities, etc.



This creates some great discussion and is excellent for reviewing items that are infrequently used but could be critical for our success if needed.


This same format can be used in relation to other tools and pieces of equipment as well.  Hand tools, forcible entry tools, hose loads, specific parts on your SCBA, RIT bags and so on. You should get the point by now.


The idea is to get intimate with all of the equipment on your apparatus and to do it as a team.


Another method is to have the crew inventory the entire apparatus. Write each piece of equipment on a piece of paper and tear it off and place into a hat or empty coffee can.  Have each firefighter draw a slip of paper and have them write down what compartment its in.  After everyone has drawn and written down the compartments, go out and see how you did and explain each piece of equipment you drew.


This is a great familiarity drill and works really well during inclimate weather.


Whatever you do, get out and drill.


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