HexArmor Glove Review

We were visited by a sales rep from HexArmor who wanted show us their new line of extrication gloves.  He agreed to leave a few pairs for us to use during some extrication training.  We utilized four different pairs of gloves and all performed very well.  A quick note, these are do not carry the tag of meeting NFPA standards yet.  They are being used by some fire deparments for rescue and extrication ONLY. These are not firefighting gloves.  

Here is the review of the gloves.



A HexArmor sales rep stopped by the fire house one day last week while on way to another fire department.  He wanted a few minutes of our time to show a product that we have never used before.  He showed us the different styles of Extrication gloves that they sell.  We were then given a few pairs of gloves to demo and write a review on.  We then set up an extrication day with our local tow company to work the gloves through the test. 

  We had 4 different pairs of gloves on 4 different firefighters.  We then swapped with each other to see and compare the differences.  We also had another crew from a different house use the different styles of gloves.  4 pairs of gloves 10 different views and opinions. 

One of the neatest options that we shown by the sales rep was the super fabric lining.  Immediately our captain brought out his pocket knife and with a few passes  of the blade the  sample material remained intact with absolutely no signs of damage.

With all of the styles of gloves we tested we all agreed that the protection was excellent.  That was not based off of any cut rating or knife demonstration it was based off of pure use. The gloves feel strongly made and comfortable.  The dexterity and movement was great.  Grips on all models were great  whether wet or dry.  

We were able to move and turn the ball bearings collars on our hydraulic hoses easily.  There were only a few downfalls that we identified one of which was not being currently NFPA compliant.  To our understanding they are working on that.  

The other downfall was  when worn with PPE / turn out gear the models 4011 and the 4013 they could not be worn with our wristlets built into our coats. However, the model 4012 worked fine with the wristlets in our gear.



Andrew, Glen, Steve


Different Views of gloves broken down


Gloves 4011 i used immediately after getting them on i noticed the dexterity. Usually with gloves with great dexterity you suffer with protection. That was not the case here.  These gloves have the leather palms and grips that did not slip at all.  The outer shell of the gloves has alot of the rubber which did not affect any of the dexterity as well.   My only downfall of the 4011 was that when used with my PPE my wristletts in my gear did not fit under the coat and could not be used.

 This problem was also the same problem Steve had with the 4013 style gloves.  Overall our opinions of the 4011 was a great overall glove with great support and protection that did not affect dexterity.


Glen started with the model 4012 he liked them alot and they worked well with his wristlets in the PPE. He felt that he put them to good use.  He got them wet, oiled, and never lost grip.  He felt protected and did not feel any of the sharp edges when removing glass was removed or any of the sharp edges.   The dexterity was excellent.


Steve was using the 4013 model gloves.  He felt just like we did the dexterity was great and even with hydraulic fluid, gas and water on the gloves the grip was excellent. 

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