Coast Knife Review

I had one of our firefighters use the Coast Knife DX330 during some extrication training. My own use of the knife was excellent in functionality. It was sharp, felt good in my hand and was durable. The only negative I would say is that the locking mechanism did not always lock the blade. This could be an isolated problem and it wasn't an issue when using because there is a secondary, manual lock that kept the blade locked. Here is the review from the training.

Knife Review

Today during our extrication demonstration my crew and I put the knife to use. We broke windows cut seat belts and really put it to the test. Initially with the knife you notice the overall look and appeal. The belt clip is strong and when opened you notice the straight and serrated blade. Upon my first couple of times opening the knife i did not like how un stable it felt open when you do not use the secondary lock. It felt like it wanted to close on me but when i used the secondary lock it was fine. I don't know if every time i open the knife that i would like the extra work.

During the extrication we used the punch to break out the windows. It took a few swings to understand the strength needed to punch the windows. I hit the corners like needed but it took a few hard swings to break the window. Others that used the knife did not use as many swings and grasped the idea faster than me. It was an effective tool and i would carry this knife for a punch before i carried a window punch.

During the removal of the seat belt I was skeptical but with very little ease the belt was cut clean. We did notice that it was harder to cut when there was no tension on the belt. As long as there was tension and belt held straight the belt cutter razor worked like a dream.

Overall it was a great tool to have and carry daily or leave in your turn out gear just for car extrication minus the looseness of the primary lock.

Andrew Krato

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