Leaders Need Followers

Here is a quick video that uses a unique perspective to shine a light on leadership and followership. I really enjoyed the video and I think the message is perfect. A great picture of leadership in action; in a little different setting. I hope you enjoy and learn something from it. Thanks for humoring me.


  • Teague Kenny says:

    Jason, saw this post yesterday and thought the video would fit in nicely with a post I was working on. I used it at the end, hope you don't mind. Linked back here to give you credit. Thanks for the quality work and keep it up.

  • Thomas says:

    I want to say thank you to all the firefighters out there. My father was a smoke jumper and his career ended when a burning tree fell on him and shattered 3 vertabre in his back. He recovered miraculously. My brother now does some firefighting when things get out of hand, like right now. It seems like the world is burning. I am in the medical field and might end up working with a fire team at some point as well. I have created a website at http://www.emthow.com for those interested in becoming EMTs. I'm trying to get it some exposure, check it out, put a link on your site if possible. Thanks again for all you firefighters do.

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