Apartment Fire Considerations

This is another video I put together. I have been getting positive feedback on this format, so I will continue to do this.

We are addressing some concerns and challenges with apartment fires. This building is of the garden apartment style but this same type of building can be a stand alone as well.

As always, this is not the only considerations when looking at apartment fires. Follow your guidelines and get out to your response areas to become familiar with similar buildings.

Until next time, stay safe and ring those bells tomorrow and say a prayer for all of the fallen and their families.


  • Steve says:

                    Just listened to your blog on apartments, remember that most of these unit have basements with that door also opening into the breezeways. In the basements you will have utilities shutoffs, washers and dryers, and storage area that are made by chicken wire walls with lots of combustibles exposed to whomever, had a fire in two of these units the same night/time and we recalled on off duty personnel to respond, first and only time that ever happen.


    Well, this is a very informative post to all of us. We must maintain these following steps to avoid apartment fire Please check.

    1. Drop and roll: if fire catches your clothes then never run. STOP running and roll over to reduce the flame
    4. Use safety guard for electric devices.
    5. Match box is always for adults' use.
    6. Do not use elevators in fire affected places. Always use stairs.
    7. Visit http://www.firesafetyconsultant.com to know more about fire safety consultant.

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