Basement Rescue Video

Here is a great video of some basement removal techniques.   This is another video from Dale Pekel, who looks like he may have gotten a promotion? Dale?  Anyway, these props are able to be used for multiple drills and Dale is very generous with how to build them.

These two techniques are great and you can see that one must be comfortable and well trained in the use of the SCBA. Confidence comes from continued use and training.  You must master the basics and know your tools like the back of your hand.  This allows you to perform the more advanced tasks without worrying about the simple things because they become second nature.

Train hard and stay safe. Thanks Dale for another great video.




  • Dale G. Pekel says:

    Thanks brother – No promotion though. The white lid is just what they issue Instructors at the college.  I'll be on the line until retirement (God willing).
    Excellent article on the Colerain-Township LODD – You definitely hit the nail on the head! Situational awareness and prevention are key to avoiding emergencies that require us to deploy FF Survival and RIT procedures. It's post like this (and many others on your site) that make it clear why you teach at the FDIC.

  • dc802 says:

    Thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate it.  Your videos are great and as long as you make them, they will always find their way here.  Stay safe and if you ever need anything don't hesitate to let me know.

    Keep making a difference,


  • DaveH says:

    Great vid!
    My only minor comment would be that for the second scenario the entry team could probably make a faster exit if the first member stood on his partner's leg/knee rather then wait for the outdoor man to lower the prussik.  Only talking a few seconds but..
    Great to see the drill!

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Tim Westlake
How Dare You!-We Can No Longer Tolerate Incompetence!
Steve. Thank you. I to am a Training Officer both in the NYS Department of Corrections as a FBTI and as a CFI/MTO and Lieutenant of a 60 member Volunteer Department. I to do not train enough. I agree with everything you said. My biggest problems are also not the few but the many. As…
2015-08-18 03:25:36
How Dare You!-We Can No Longer Tolerate Incompetence!
I totally agree with your comments regarding training and preparation I want to know the person standing next to my son / sons are capable of fighting a fire with knowledge dedication and standing shoulder to shoulder with a motto of " no man left behind " the only safety line you have to getting…
2015-07-04 02:13:54
How Dare You!-We Can No Longer Tolerate Incompetence!
2015-07-04 00:04:50
Ryan Huffman
How Dare You!-We Can No Longer Tolerate Incompetence!
I am a volunteer lieutenant in a rural department and I work full time on a medic unit. This article is very powerful and was a very good read. I love to train and train harder everyday that I'm at work or at the volly house and when I'm not there I'm constantly reading articles…
2015-07-03 13:19:23
Kevin Hurl
How Dare You!-We Can No Longer Tolerate Incompetence!
Too True, I am a big fan of the saying "you can never train to hard for a job that kill you" Well said and I'll copying the link to this to our brigade Facebook page.
2015-07-01 22:40:09

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