Rosie Soul and the Rock and Roll Cowboys

I don’t normally put this kind of stuff on my blog, but Eddie Buchanan has done so much for the fire service, I feel obligated to give him and his band Rosie Soul and the Rock and Roll Cowboys some well deserved props.

I have never seen them live, but I have listened to their music off of their Facebook page and have been impressed.  They are competing in the Battle of the Bands at FDIC 2011 for a chance to win $20,000.

This is by no means a knock on any of the other bands and you can check them all out at the Battle of the Bands web site for FDIC 2011.  If you like another band better, then by all means vote for them. However, at least give Rosie and the boys a fair shake.

A little about Ed.  He is a division chief with the Hanover Fire Department in Virginia and is the present president of the  International Society of Fire Service Instructors.  Eddie has played a huge role in training all across this country and has a moved the ISFSI into a very positive direction.  He has contributed countless hours of his time to move progressive, meaningful fire service training to the forefront.  He is a true Brother.

Thanks for you time and patience with my little plug here. I have done a little work with Eddie and feel like I at least owed him this for his past support help. And, they ROCK!  If you are in one of the other bands, I wish you the best of luck too.

Stay safe and we’ll see at FDIC 2011.

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