Missouri Winter Fire School

Every winter for the last 29 years firefighters from all across the state of Missouri have gathered to attend classes by well know state instructors as well as highly regarded national figures in the fire service.  This year, the 30th year, is no different.

The annual Winter Fire School opens with a large exposition and registration on Friday afternoon that lasts into the evening. This is a great time to network, get a look at apparatus, tools and other fire service equipment.  This is usually one of the more popular parts of the weekend besides the drinks and story telling at the local establishments.  (Tiger, you need to get down here sometime and collect a lot of story telling stuff.)

This year’s events begin February 4th and wind down on the 6th.  They even allow me to instruct there, that’s how kind they are and their willingness to throw a guy a bone.

In the past Chief Billy Goldfeder, Chief Alan Brunacini and Dave Dodson have instructed at this conference.  This year’s line up is just as good including Chief I. David Daniels, Chief Smokey Dyer, Lt. Mike Wilbur, Chief Alan Brunacini,  Glenn Gaines, Tim Sendelbach, Chief Clyde Pfisterer and more.

There are webcasts available featuring instructors Chief Richard Gasaway, Chief Forest Reeder and Chief John Mittendorf.

With these lineups the Missouri University Fire Rescue Training Institute offers some of the best classes and instructors from all over the nation.  If your close or looking for something to do, you need to get here to experience the networking and Brotherhood that this conference has to offer.  Look me up, we can get a drink; or two.

Stay safe and we would love to see you in Missouri next month.

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Jason Hoevelmann

Deputy Chief/Fire Marshal with the Sullivan Fire Protection District, a combination department, and a career firefighter/paramedic with the Florissant Valley Fire Protection District in North St. Louis County.

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