Good Roof Vent Video

Here is a good video an actual roof ventilation on a two story house. It is a little rough from the helmet cam and I am not a big fan of the music on these types of videos, but the intent on showing a good roof vent is really good.

Take a look and give some props to Ladder24co folks. Stay safe and share your knowledge.

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  • dc802 says:

    Comment from Fire Engineering community.

    You made me second guess my post, darn you. But, in viewing it again here are the points that I think are important to list about this video that are positive.

    1. Crews are full PPE and on air.
    2. Two ladders, one ground ladder and the aerial. That means two ways to escape.
    3. The firefighter never stepped into the cut area and you could tell he was working real hard at keeping some
    weight on the roof ladder.
    4. As the cuts are made you immediately start to get products of combustion.
    5. It took him a little time to remove the cut out, real conditions prevail.
    6. visibility gets bad once completely vented showing the hazards of the entire operation and the need to be
    and remain on air.

    Are there some holes that can be poked in this, possibly, but I think this is a good video and the positives outweigh any negatives.


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