What’s on Your Stick?

This past week we did some aerial operations and flat roof ops training over a three day period.  We used our own 105 foot straight stick and a neighboring departments 105 foot bucket. What learned real fast was that everyone uses their ladder/aerial device differently and has different equipment on the ladder/aerial device.

It made me very curious about why departments build and set up their device certain ways.  So, I have taken some time to look at a few aerial apparatus over this past week just to get a better idea about what is out there.  Does it make a difference to me if it is not my device?  Absolutely!

We run a great deal of mutual aid and there is a good chance that I might be operating off of someone else’s aerial device.  It is good to know what the different options are on our surrounding sticks.  How does the nozzle work?  What tools are on the ladder and what do I need to bring with me?  The options go on and on.

So, what do you have on your stick?  What tools are mounted and do you like to have on the ladder?  Does your device provide air or are you limited to what’s on your back?  If there are roof/attic ladders on the stick, what are their lengths? Will they reach down from your tallest parapet wall?

There is nothing like being prepared and this is sometimes overlooked because it is not always used, especially in rural and suburban areas.

Give us your feedback and comments, we are all waiting to learn some great ideas and suggestions.

Train hard and stay safe.


  • Hey Jay,

    We have a 6′ Hook and a Halligan tool mounted to the tip of our aerial ladder. This tool compliment allows the Roof FF two free hands while climbing, since the roof rope or saw is slung over the shoulder.

    Some companies also have a 10′ folding attic ladder (suitcase ladder) mounted on the top fly as well. This is a great advantage as it can be used to descend high parapets, gain access to an uneven roof-line (building to building) or give you that much needed “boost” to get you to the top of a roof bulkhead to take the skylights above the stairs.

    Just my 2 cents!


    Nate DeMarse

  • Truckie says:

    we have an 16’roof ladder, pick head axe, & a 8′ pike pole on a 100′ platform. we also carrie a 2 1/2 to 1 1/2 reducer for a hand line connection if need & onboard air

  • brian says:

    we have as set or irons a 8ft pike pole 14ft roof ladder 1 3/4inch high rise pack 2inch high rise pack on board air 3 sets of double male double female 1 pick head axe

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