Seat Belts and SCBA’s: Practice

Since we are looking at the Denver Fire Department for some great training information in relationship to firefighter rescue and survival with the Denver Drill, let’s look at another issue that Denver has attacked. Seat belts and SCBA’s.

It is a common known fact that firefighters are killed and injured each year because they were not wearing their seat belt. I personally have heard firefighters and officers make statements that are just flat out ignorant in regards to wearing seat belts.

It takes too long to do; I can’t get it on over my gear; I can’t get packed up and put my seat belt on. There are many more, but the bottom line is that a few extra seconds allows us to arrive safely and to actually make the save or make an attack on the fire.

If we don’t arrive safely, we can’t do our job. We owe it to ourselves, the people we serve and our families to arrive to calls and back safely.

The Denver Fire Department has put together this video that shows some practical solutions and methods for putting on your seat belt over your gear and pack. Put aside you ego for a few minutes and learn something and then pass it on. Officers, make your crews watch this.

Please stay safe at all times and be careful.

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