We’ve Gone Pink

Before you think we’ve gone crazy or are remembering the days of John Hughes films, (Pretty In Pink) we wanted to let everyone know that we have “gone pink” for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Here is a request from our friend over at The Happy Medic about this great cause.  Click the link to get the entire message from Justin.

By clicking the pink ribbon to the left, you can donate to a great cause of one of our fellow bloggers, EpiJunky.  He will be walking to raise money for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

With the help of the FireEMS Blogs network of friends and bloggers, we can contribute to the defeat of breast cancer.

Please be aware and take the time to be generous for this worthy cause.

Stay safe and be careful. And, for a while, go Pink in honor of all of those affected by breast cancer.

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