A Simple Move

Exterior of door

Forcible entry is an ongoing skill that must be practiced. A huge part of that is knowing your doors and construction of entry ways.

On a recent inspection we started discussing getting into these locked doors that are pass-coded for the resident’s protection.

As you can see, this is an outward swinging door that should be reasonable easy to force with the right tools and skill.  Of course, in my experiences people aren’t spending as much time as they should practicing forcible entry techniques.

Interior of door

As a crew we started discussing how we would gain entry. One method is very simple and can be done with one tool.

Bust out the window, this one has no wire mesh, and drop the tool down to engage the panic bar.

I know this is very simple, but it can be effective if you only have one tool. You also have to have a good idea about the interior workings of the door.  Showing again the importance of getting familiar with your buildings.

Stay safe and use your time out and about wisely.

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