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Airbags in the Dark

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So, when you drill for these, lift something, anything, like pallets with full visibility. Watch what happens to the opposite side of the lift and make notes. When you get into the dark you will have to crib, raise, and lower all by feel. Oh, and up on red and down on blue is difficult at best.

Which Way is Out?

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This may seem a bit simplistic, but I am always surprised when I ask someone to close their eyes and hand this prop to them. After I hand them the hose I ask which way they would go to get out of a building?

Horse in the Loft

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While awaiting the arrival of additional resources, the horse was kept calm due to the age and the poor condition of the barn’s second story floor. Given the time of the incident a light tower and generator was called to the scene for lighting around the incident and inside barn

Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

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What you see in this picture is just a row of windows, right? Well, they are labeled, which is nice because if they weren’t there could be big problems.

Learn Something

Let’s learn something that will keep us safe and make us better and thank the guy who filmed and posted the video for the experience.

A Simple Move

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As you can see, this is an outward swinging door that should be reasonable easy to force with the right tools and skill. Of course, in my experiences people aren’t spending as much time as they should practicing forcible entry techniques.

Standpipe or Not?

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Not all of the stairwells have standpipes in them. Most were typical connections with a valve and 2 1/2 inch connection. As you can see in this picture, this one was not a typical seen in a stairwell.

Help Build a Monument

Brownsburgh Fire Department is trying to build a memorial for 9/11.