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Water Rescue-Rope Throw

This is a skill that needs to be practiced to be effective. Flash flooding happens very quickly and can require us to take fast action. Be ready and be safe.

Bailout Anchoring Techniques

I recommend trying these and modifying them as you play around with them. There is nothing like practicing and trying new methods when it comes to firefighter operations and drills.

Elevator Operations

This is a good video on operating a typical elevator. I understand that there are many different types of elevators and different operating methods, but most are very similar to this. You can have different types of keys but the systems should be pretty standard.

Visiting Chicago

Entry Img

I will hopefully get to posting regularly soon. We just got back from Houston last week and now we are visiting Chicago for a few days.  So until I get back in the routine and have regular access to internet and my computer, here is a picture of the Engine 8 house in Chicago. It […]

Happy 4th of July, Thank a Soldier

Happy 4th of July! Thanks to all who serve to protect our freedoms. Stay safe and pray for our soldiers and their families.

My Visit to Houston Fire Department

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No matter where I go, I always learn something new and interesting about that particular department. Whether it be about the house we are visiting, the equipment, operations or historical information, each place has it’s own story and way of doing things.

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