Elevator Operations

This is a good video on operating a typical elevator. I understand that there are many different types of elevators and different operating methods, but most are very similar to this. You can have different types of keys but the systems should be pretty standard.

Now some of the older elevators can have less options and safety features, so get familiar with the elevators in your jurisdiction. This is something I have seen firefighters struggle with, believe it or not, because they have never had any hands on experience with them.

Get out and use some of these and no how to use them before you have to.

When this pulls up on YouTube, you can subscribe to the creator, dieselducy, and he has additional videos of different elevators. Pretty interesting stuff.

Stay safe and be careful.


  • Marques Bush says:

    Jason Great video thanks for posting

  • Honorable and noble firefighters;
    Please consider formal education about fire recall, which is different from place to place. Additionally emergency rescue operations can be taught and learned. I know that because this is my business, but I am sincerely concerned about the safety of all involved.
    Respectfully Submitted,
    Robert L Krieger Jr.

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