Visiting Chicago

I will hopefully get to posting regularly soon. We just got back from Houston last week and now we are visiting Chicago for a few days.  So until I get back in the routine and have regular access to internet and my computer, here is a picture of the Engine 8 house in Chicago. It is in China town and was used in the filming of “Backdraft.”  It also houses Truck 5 4, Battalion 2 and A-85.

Thanks to guys there and feel free to post or send pictures of your visits to other departments.  See you soon and stay safe out there.

Chicago Fire Department in Chinatown.

We were rained on.


  • Visiting the great state of Chicago? Well heck, you’re right in the midst of two of the other FireEMSbloggers. I’m about an hour’ish away from downtown and FireDaily is somewhere around there. Make sure to get a Maxwell St. Polish, and a real hotdog is a Vienna Beef. Never put ketchup on a hotdog.

  • Marques Bush says:

    I hope you had fun. Unless something changes I will be checking out a few sites in August.

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