Officers, Take a Look Around You!

What do you see that makes you say, Hmmmm?

Take a look at this picture and tell me what you see?

It isn’t the operations, necessarily, that I want you to see here.

This is why the officer/s need to be aware and not get tunnel vision.

Too many times I have seen new and veteran officers take the nozzle from the back stepper and go barreling in without any regard for what is going on around him.  His days on the nozzle are over for the most part. His job now is to see the conditions and to take a look at the big picture.

So, what do you see?

Stay safe and be careful out there.


  • Nate Q. says:

    Not really sure, as it’s kind of a small picture. Maybe the possible kiddies in the left of the pic, running around on a fire scene?

  • Nate Q. says:

    If it’s not that, then maybe the smoke coming up from below grade?

  • dc802 says:

    The main point was to read the smoke; conditions, location, etc. But, everything is important, so nice catch on the neighbor kids; you never know what they are going to do.

  • Mike says:

    Looks like possible basement fire on the A/D corner with smoke pushing throughout. Also looks like a multiple family dwelling, i.e.-notice all the roof pitches on the D side? Looks like additions have been made to this structure that only makes more work for us. As Nate has already noted, children in the area. This leaves open the possibility of children in the structure. Be very detailed in the search, as always, children can hide in strange places. Also appears to be fall, are those pumpkins on the porch? Just an observation for weather conditions, and when folks/kids may be home from work/school/college. Just my .02 worth. Stay Low and Stay Safe-Mike.

  • Nate Q. says:


    I posted in the middle of a long shift…my mind just kind of lumped conditions and all under “operations”. Taking a second look, I see what you were getting at 🙂 I just caught the kids, cause we had a fire in a trailer park a while back, where the Battalion had to keep shooing away the kids who were having fun jumping our handlines (in the street) on their bikes.

  • brandon gates says:

    To the author what should we see?

  • The smoke indicating a basement fire. These posts are to offer discussion points. In addition, everyone sees things that someone else might not or might offer a new way to look at something. There isn’t a cut and dry right or wrong answer, just discussion points and ideas.

  • Truckie says:

    I agree with Mike A D corner basement, white smoke content only or little structure involved at this point, 1 1/2 story single family, sound floor first then find basement stairs,either a side door or off kitchen.

  • Charlie says:

    Other then what is listed above, I see a ladder being set up right were the heaviest concentration of smoke is. AB side seems to be a more appropriate place to set up egress. Can’t tell what has happened to that point or what is going on inside. Looks like a small window to vent if a crew is in place to attack inside. Would also consider exposure protection for house on AD side. Depending on manpower, my primary focus other then life safety would be attacking the fire in the basement then putting a fire fighter on roof to check for extension considering the smoke is till pretty white up top. Ideally both would happen at the same time while having rit in place. Setting up positive pressure ventilation would clear the smoke out nicely as ff’s enter the building for attack.

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