First Impressions

What is your first impression?

When I first saw this picture one particular characteristic caught my attention.

In my area, and I am sure it is the same in many other jurisdictions, people are trying to do more with what they have.

We are finding more families living together and they must make some accomodations for those added individuals.  What I am referring to is the garage being converted into living space.

I understand that this is not unusual and the practice can make a really nice family room or large master bedroom.  The difference we have been seeing is that they still look like garages from the outside. When’s the last time you searched the garage as part of your primary search?

Just be aware and consider this on your next fire.  This also is a reason you need to stay familiar with your area.  And, the next time your on a “routine” residential fire, you might just want to check the garage.

Stay safe and be careful.

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