What’s In Your Pockets?

Since day one in the fire service, we have each had that one thing that we always carry in our gear.  A screw driver, pliers, wire cutters, rope or webbing.  Over the years we might accumulate more or downsize to just what we need.

What do you carry on your person?

I am always curious when I hear some state that they don’t want any extra weight on them, that their gear is heavy enough.

As you can see, we recently were issued the external harnesses.  We had members that complained about the weight and extra attention that needed to be paid to getting into the gear. I personally have not had any problems and I will post on these harnesses another time.

The matter at hand is “what’s in your pockets?”  I have things that I always carry with me no matter what and there are some items that I would like to add and just haven’t done it yet.

I keep a 30 foot piece of webbing, two cords, wire cutters, (need new ones), regular pliers, screw drivers, a  center punch and I wear a flash light on my coat.  There are some items that I need to add, but for now this is what I have.  For example, I would like to add a 25 and 50 foot section of 8mm rope, wooden wedges and a new pair of spring loaded wire cutters.

Flash light on the coat.

What do you carry and why?  Do you have any great stories of needing any of your tools and were glad you had them?

Share your input and give us your recommendations and suggestions on what to carry and why.

Stay safe and be careful out there.


  • Bobby says:

    In my helmet I have my hood then a few nails and two chocks in the band. In the two front pockets of my coat I keep my portable radio, and large cable cutters. Also in my coat you’ll find sidewalk chalk, safety glasses, a knife, my backup flashlight and another chock. Then on my left side pant pocket i have my 38 feet of rope on two carabiners. On the right i have a screwdriver, pliers, some more cutters and my fire gloves. Finally, on my belt i keep my webbing. I only keep stuff in my gear that Ill use, and I try to hold everything to keep a light weight, low profile.

  • Marques Bush says:

    I have a sixteen foot piece of webbing, door chocks, screw drivers, wire cutters, cable cutters, and a knife.

  • Chris Kindred says:

    I carry in my coat. left pocket a knife easy to open one heanded, extinguisher pin(good for manipulating locks), spring loaded cutters and a muti tool i.e. letherman Right side assortment of wooden chalks small and large. Radio pouch I have found it beneficial to stow some webbing sense i use a radio strap. Pants pockets right billows 2 door chalks webbing a home made hose strap.

  • anchorpoint says:

    I have 1 chock in my helmet. Coat pockets- Cable cutters, Cheap utility knife, shove knife, spanner wrench, elevator and train keys. Flashlight is on a Fidney belt, 45′ Kevlar rope with aluminum, carabiner in one pant pocket, leatherman and adjustable wrench on the other side. I really should carry a chunk of webbing..
    Love the built in harness.

  • Duds says:

    A chock and cheap light in the helmet, a light on the coat, 25 foot loop of webbing, wood wedges, ten-in-one screwdriver, small vise grips (for rolling garage doors), lineman’s cutters/pliers, a small carabiner with alarm panel and pull station keys, a painter’s tool (makes a great shove knife), and an unwound wire coat hanger (great tool for bypassing automatic garage door openers, great way to force entry into a residence and be able to secure it later with minimal damage). I also have a light, a knife and a spare carabiner on my truck belt.

    I’ve heard the weight argument, but after seventeen years on the job, I don’t find it to be a problem, and when we need some little thing done, I’m ready. If you can’t handle the little added weight, hit the gym.

  • Ryan says:

    On my helmet I carry a flashlight and a door chock, a light on my coat, my portable radio, and a Leatherman tool in the coat pocket. In my pants pockets I have 2 20ft sections of webbing, another door chock, cable cutters, wire cutters, linemens pliers, and the TFT Res-Q-Wrench multitool. My department is going with the external harnesses come grant time so I’ll be adding a bailout bag to that. Yeah all of the equipment may add weight, big deal. I’d rather carry it all with me and never use it, then not have it and need it. You don’t exactly get a second chance in this job.

  • Matt Robertson says:

    In my pants and coat I have; 20′ piece of 1″ webbing with a carabiner, a 10′ piece with the ends tied w/ a water knot and safeties, a 25′ and 15′ length of utility rope with a Figure-8-on-a-Bight on each, a pair of cable cutters, seatbelt cutter, small vice grips, folding spanner, two wooden door wedges and a window punch; plus my Streamlight on the outside of my coat.

    In my helmet is my spare hood; in the band around my helmet is a third (plastic) door wedge, two sprinkler wedges and a garrity LED flashlight.

  • Corey May says:

    In my pants on the left pocket I have a 30′ of 8mm rope with a eight on a bight tied in the end with caribiner attached and hooked on my pocket for quick access and extrication gloves. right pocket contains a 24′ piece of webbing tied in a loop with a caribiner attached and clipped on pocket webbing stored in a large latex glove, cable cutters, linemans pilars, tin snips(drop ceiling grids). Left coat pocket keep safety glasses and ear protection. Right coat pocket keep 2 wedges and 5 nails. One the coat keep a flash light.

  • jason says:

    in my pants i carry small prybar with a duck bill about 6inches long an extra wooden wedge folding spanner and 15 foot section of 1inch webbing. in my jacket i carry portable radio extricatiion and fire fighting gloves in a holder that hangs of my jacket another 4inch prybar window punch small thumb wrench carpenters knife a couple zip ties always good to have in another pocket i have a very simple first aid kit with a flast light just basic stuff, i also have the streamlight on my chest reg hal. not led. on my jacket attached is my nomex simply attach it to the neck of your jacket never loose it and easy to find on my helmet i have a wooden 6inch wedge a garrity light and dog tags

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