Factors to Consider

What do you notice that could be crucial to your decisions?

We have recently had discussions about size up, so I thought this would be a good picture to post.

If you are the officer pulling up on this one and nobody is out front, what are some immediate “red flags?”

I know this one is easy, but it just drives the point home.

What if this was a vacant house and you noted the same conditions and “red flags?”  Would it change how you approach this fire?

What would be your tactics and how much would you risk as the first arriving officer?

Let’s talk fire!

Stay safe and keep training.

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  • Nate Q. says:

    On first-in engine with 3 personnel (closest unit is quint 8-10 min out), Capt.-360, FF- handline/irons to the front door, DE secure supply lines (SOP to drop dual 3″ on way in, 2nd engine relay pumps). Immediate red flags station wagon and kids toys in front yard, appears to be middle of day. Capt./FF pass command, entry with handline/TIC/hook. 1st-in quint VES sides A/B/C. Battalion assume command. 2nd-in engine (usually arrives within 1 min. of quint) DE secure H20, OFC/FF 2nd handline in A side (2.5″ if necessary). 3rd-in engine- RIT. Reassess operaions and adjust as necessary.

    Tactics probably same even if structure appeared vacant. Several boarded up structures in our area with occupants living there. Findings on 360 and from neighbors may effect approach.

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