Be Careful Using PPV–Good Video

This is a video I found on The Bravest Online. This website has some great content and very current fire related videos that can be used for information and training ideas.

This video is from the Salt Lake City area and shows what can happen when you have hidden fire and use a positive pressure fan with crews inside the building.

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There are many thoughts on this tactic and you should follow your local SOP or guideline.


  • Robert Kramer says:

    So if you turn the fan in and it gets worse instead of better……turn it off.

  • Kevin Stewart says:

    Amen Robert. Instead of stopping PPV or PPA altogether, why not figure out what went wrong and why. It seemed to me that there was no exhaust port (shown when the video went to the rear of the house). Even if there was an exhaust port, it definitely wasn’t adequate. This was shown by the smoke coming immediately out of the door when the fan was turned on. And yes, if that happens, turn the fan and get a bigger exhaust port. If there was hidden fire (as they suggest), then use your cues to figure that out. Smoke coming out of the door with the fan in it is a big cue to realize that what I’m doing isn’t working. Just a thought.

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