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A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure to and honor to be a guest on Firefighter Netcast hosted by Rhett Fleitz of The Fire Critic and John Mitchell from Fire Daily.  It truly was a great experience and I want to thank John and Rhett (the most interesting man in the world!) for the opportunity.


The two of them were great hosts and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.  I just hope I met their expectations and the ratings didn’t drop too bad.

Anyway, if you haven’t taken a look and a listen to what John and Rhett are doing, you are missing out.  They are having conversations with guests from all spectrums of the fire service.  This is going to set the standard for fire service podcasts, in my opinion.

I after three weeks, I just now listened to the webcast that I did with John and Rhett.  I had a great deal of trepidation to listen to myself. I had no hesitations in doing the show, but I don’t like to listen to myself, it just seems weird.  To my surprise, John edited the show in a manner that was first class and actually made me sound okay.  Not great and you may have a different opinion, but it was tolerable.

A Firefighter’s Own Worst Enemy-Firefighter Netcast

I am providing you the link to the show and please go back and listen to all of their past shows.  You can also catch Art Chief Reason with his new show, The Voice of Reason, which debuted last week and was a huge success.  Stay tuned because Tiger Schmittendorf will debut his new show, too.  And, to make it real easy, you can catch them on iTunes Podcasts and download to your iPod or iPhone.

I have met all of these guys with the exception of Chief Art, and they are all first class.  I have talked to Art and he doesn’t lack in the area of class.  Here is the thing; tune in to when these shows are live.  Get on the chat rooms and call in. These guests and the hosts want your input, suggestions and questions.  This is here for you, the firefighter and emergency worker.  These people are here to provide you with information and they really care about what you need and the questions that you have.

So, check them out and thanks for all of the support thus far.  Give us feedback and feel free to send in your ideas and suggestions.  If you have material you want to have posted, send it in and we’ll get it up with credit to you.

As always, take care and stay safe out there.

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  • Fire Critic says:

    Thanks Jason! It was great having you on the show. First class guests like yourself and all the others we have had on have made our show what it is today!

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