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Okay, will it teeter or totter?

Okay, will it teeter or totter?

Here is one for all of you technical rescue folks.

This was emailed to me and I admit that I don’t know the origins or circumstances.

However, as you can see we have two problems with this scenario: the piece of equipment tilted and the boom in the house.

Let’s for the sake of a good drill say that the reason that the boom did this is because the operator had a medical emergency and is still in the cab.  In addition, there are folks in the house trapped.

I know its a lot to think about, but hey, have fun with it.  This is not my forte, but the picture was just too good not to use.

Let us know what you would do and how.

Thanks and stay safe.


  • Bryan Koneful says:

    The first though in my mind would be scene safety. Shut the street down and clear the area of spectators. Call your local towing company and request a few heavy wreckers to stabilize the crane in the position it currenlty is in. Also call (if available) and see if the crane company can send a similiar if not bigger crane and use that to help stabilize. Upon arrival and scene size up you should have requested a collapse rescue company to shore up the structure when it was safe to enter. Once the crane and structure is stablilzed your crews can proceed to rescue, treat and render aid to the victims. Have a charged water line in placement and a RIT team on standby during the entire incident.

  • anchorpoint says:

    Stabilize that beast as it is. I bet it’s heavy so put enough shores in there to make it look like a forest if need be. Crib stacks under the low side. If the far end of the boom is on the other side of the garage shore it there, if not shore this side. These guys generally don’t operate alone so have one of his co-workers assist in shutting it down if it didn’t auto kill. Once it’s stabilized independent of the building, start shoring the building and begin operator removal. Shore the building as needed to accomplish the search and removal. When the victims are removed and investigation is complete, let the crane company recover their equipment. Shoring may have to be rearranged as the equipment is removed. Like Bryan said: scene safety, engine company till equipment has it’s rubber on the road again, and Properly trained RIT team

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