FDIC Visit to Brownsburg Fire Department

The Engine Company Patch

The Engine Company Patch

We visited the Brownsburg Fire Department, just outside of Indianapolis on Tuesday, April 20th.  We were invited for dinner and some great conversation and both were first class.

Jim and the Brothers from BFD could not have been more hospitable.  The spread was amazing: grilled chicken breasts, corn, mashed potatoes, pasta salad, rolls and of course Kool-Aid. There was so much food that I have probably left something out.

We then got the tour of the engine on Main Street and what a great place.  As you can see from the pictures of the kitchen table, they have made it their home in true firefighter fashion.  They still have an open bunk, which I prefer over the new separate style, and their day room is as comfortable as it should be with recliners for each person.

Their equipment is in great shape and very organized.  They have some great ideas and the equipment was spotless.  They run a squad, an engine, a truck and an LSV.  If you every get the chance, stop by and see them.

They have some big plans for some World Trade Center steel in the coming years and I will post the arrangements.  In addition, I was asked to invite and bring more of you with me next year during FDIC.  So mark your calenders and they will get it scheduled.

A big thank you to the members of the  Brownsburg Fire Department at “The Main Street Mansion,” it is a visit I will never forget.  Your hospitality will forever be appreciated.  So, thank you to:

Cpt Mike Rosemeyer
Chauffeur George Ignas
Nozzle Lt Ryan Miller
Lt Alex Brand
Chauffeur Todd Macy
Vent Donnie Ross
Lt Andy Zeunik
Chauffeur Jim Miller
Jumpseat Danny Brock
Take care and stay safe.

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  • CJ Addleman says:

    Resident of the town of Brownsburg: I can’t express I words how much I deeply appreciate my entire Brownsburg Fire Department, Emergency Services, and Police Department. Thank you for all you do!

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