Okay, here is the run down on what I have been doing since getting to Indy:

Arrived Sunday and got prepared for HOT classes on Monday and Tuesday.  Met up with some folks on Sunday night and tried to register.  Well, we didn’t change our clocks when we arrived and instead of it being 6:20, it was 7:20 and we were out of luck.  That night we went to Buffalos and ended up at the RAM and hung out with the guys from Brotherhood Instructors, (great guys.)

Monday we got up early  and went to catch the bus for our trip to regions unknown for punishment called HOT classes.  Just kidding, they were great.  My morning session was Large Area Search which was really good but they needed more time than the four hours allotted.

Monday afternoon was Personal Harness Systems. That class was also great, but again, they needed more time than what was provided.  I know there is only so much time in a day, but some of these classes need to be longer.  Dan DiRenzo and the guys from Safety and Survival Training were great.  Check them out and get to a class, you wont regret it.

Monday night was dinner at Buca’s, which is a little Italian place with huge portions of good food.  Then it was off to Buffalo’s again to have some drinks.  Got a call from Marques Bush of Firefighter Basics from Claddagh’s Irish Pub and we moved on down to there.  That is where everybody was.  I got to have some conversations with Ray McCormack, Jim Crawford and a host of other firefighters and officers.  It was a great night and we did our best to run the well dry.

Tuesday was a ball buster with RIT Combat Drills.  This is lead by Asst. Chief Jim Crawford and 14 other instructors who know there shit.  This class is by far one of two of the most physically demanding classes I have ever taken.  Swift water rescue being the other.   Eight hours of crawling, climbing, dragging, pushing, tank on-tank off, lowering and lifting that just exhausts you.  Great information and you are spent when it’s all done.

Tuesday night we were invited by a Facebook Fan from Brownsburg, Indiana named Jim Miller to have dinner at their engine house.  Let me tell you, these guys are first class firefighters and individuals.  We got there and they already had a huge spread of food.  Jim and the guys showed us around and gave us some background on their department and the engine house, which is exceptional, and we got a first rate tour of the equipment.  If you every get to the Indianapolis area, you must go check out Brownsburg Fire Department and say “hi” to Jim and the boys.  They encourage you to stop in.

After we left the hospitality of Brownsburg, we were back in downtown Indy.  We started at Champs and ended, again at Claddagh’s.  Another good time had by all.

I will post some pictures as soon as I get the chance. If any of you are down, get a hold of me by emailing me if you can at

I hope to see some of you today and stay safe.


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