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Clear Working Space?

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Have you ever had that house fire, odor of, smoke in the building or electrical call and couldn’t find the service panel? Well, maybe this is why.

Light Weight Strip Malls

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As you look at this building you can see that it seems to be a series of stores or spaces in a commercial building. Most likely a strip mall type building.

Fire Stopping Pillows

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Basically, the way that these pillows work is that when they are heated, they expand (the plastic will melt away) and fill the void. This maintains the fire rating and prevents fire from spreading and smoke spread is contained.

Back to Basics Part 4: Foam Eductors

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This is an old fashioned foam eductor and a bucket of foam. When is the last time you had one of these in your hands? How about the last time you actually flowed one? Well, unless you just completed a foam class or a Firefighter 1 & 2 class, it has probably been a while.

Company Discussions: Redeployment?

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Time is running out for keeping this in check and an interior attack. We’ve all been here and we know how this can go.

Company Discussion: Building Characteristics

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Some of you may have fought a fire or two in a building similar to this one or done an inspection at one.

Who Needs an Extension Cord?

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This is pretty extreme, but this is how we stay employed and busy. Be aware and pay attention to those so-called “B.S.” calls. You never know the difference you could make at that particular time.

RIT Training Video Part 2

Here is part two of this video. It is not as long, but finishes up what was gone over in the first video. Again, we are working on getting videos of the other brands to post, so be patient.

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