Addresses on Inspections

This is a C-store and filling station with address numbers of 12785.

This is a C-store and filling station with address numbers of 12785.

I was doing inspections the other day and this address was on the list.  Not very exciting and pretty standard stuff.

It is a small convenience store with gas pumps out front.  I found an exit sign with emergency lights dangling from the ceiling and the battery back-up was not working.  Like I said, nothing to note that was out of the ordinary.

Then I look at my list and see the same numerics on another inspection form with a different business name.  This is what I find…..

Same address as the filling station.  Same owner.

Same address as the filling station. Same owner.

This building is directly behind the filling station in the above picture.  Both are labeled on the front of both buildings with the identical address.

Now this building was locked and I was not able to get in, but, this view is at the same elevation as the filling station, but behind it the elevation changes so that it is two stories on the back side.

This building houses offices on the main level and storage on the lower level.

Okay, the point is this, pay attention to your inspections.  This is the kind of information you need to pass on.  This is a situation that could turn ugly real quick.

Imagine getting dispatched to this address and finding that the filling station is closed.  Nobody around and the address is prominently displayed on the store.  False call, right?

Well, if we don’t know about that building behind it, even though we see it, we may not associate it with the call because how often are two buildings addressed the same?

Just be aware and alert.  Take these inspections seriously and be thorough.  Don’t be the one says, “Oops.”

Take care and be careful.


  • Just found your blog and added you to my blogroll. I have a scenario for you- and as soon as I can get back to get pics I will send it to you. I came across an antique store set up in a very old brick warehouse type building. There is a MASSIVE sliding wooden door. The track it slides on is set at an angle so that it rolls with gravity (downhillo) to close. It is held open by a simple utility rope that is tied off in the corner of the room. The room is filled wiht antiques. I remember seeing it and thinking “if this building were on fire, that rope would burn through, the massive door would roll shut, and a firefighter would be dead.” I will go back and get some pics if you like- it illustrates what I have explained much better.

  • dc802 says:

    Can’t wait to see them, thanks.

  • forex robot says:

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