Swiftwater Coming

Are you ready for the Torrents of Spring?

Are you ready for the Torrents of Spring?

With the Winter coming to an end and Spring ushering itself in, we now have a new threat from weather: flooding and moving water.

The weather pros are calling for some pretty significant flooding this season from the melting snow falls.

Be prepared for these events and act safely and appropriately.  We all know of the tragedy from West Virginia and let’s do all we can to avoid that from happening again.

Make sure you wear personal floatation devices that are appropriate for emergency services.  Make sure those PFD’s are on all apparatus and ready for service.

If you aren’t trained to be in the water, don’t get in the water.  Moving water is a force that is easy to underestimate and deadly when miscalculated.

Remember, like ice rescue, throw, tow, row and go.  But, even then, if you are not qualified, adequately equipped and trained, let someone who is get in the water.

Stay safe and train in every aspect of our job.  Be careful and take care.

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