Back to Basics Part 5: Cutting Drip Loops

Cutting the drip loops.

Cutting the drip loops.

This is a sensitive subject for some, but a basic skill I remember learning as a rookie.

Cutting drip loops is something that not all departments do, but it is necessary in some instances depending on where you are in the country.

In my area you could get utilities on scene in town within minutes whereas the more rural parts could take an hour.

Cutting the drip loops requires some skill and knowledge to be done correctly.  You must also have a set of appropriate cutters and ideally, some electrical gloves.

As you can see, there are some hazards associated with this and you must follow your departments policies on this.

With this particular photo, what do you see as a hazard?

When would you consider cutting the drip loops?

Do you have the appropriate tools to cut the loops?

Be careful when dealing with electricity. The ideal tactic is to let the utility company deal with it.

Train to your departmental SOG’s and stay safe.

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