Light Weight Strip Malls

Light weight construction is everywhere.

Light weight construction is everywhere.

This is a picture of some light weight trusses being set on a commercial building.

As you look at this building you can see that it seems to be a series of stores or spaces in a commercial building. Most likely a strip mall type building.

In the old days, these were block buildings with steel roof components, structurally speaking.  They were fairly sturdy buildings, still not great, but heavier construction.

Now, it is all light weight wood.  No doubt they will put a facade on this building that looks like rock or brick, but it is a house of commercial occupancies.  It is also easy to see how fast a fire in the concealed space will consume those truss members, causing very early failure.

In addition, remember what goes on top of these buildings; HVAC units.

Just be aware of what is in your area. Stop by and look at these buildings.  Make sure they are properly building fire barriers and walls with penetrations fire stopped.

Use your training and common sense when these buildings burn, they are dangerous in today’s fire service.

Take care and stay safe.

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