Back to Basics Part 4: Foam Eductors

This is a foam eductor.  Remember these things?

This is a foam eductor. Remember these things?

Hey, do you remember these?  You know, before we had foam tanks on all of our trucks?

Before we could pump foam out of every discharge?

This is an old fashioned foam eductor and a bucket of foam.

When is the last time you had one of these in your hands?  How about the last time you actually flowed one?  Well, unless you just completed a foam class or a Firefighter 1 & 2 class, it has probably been a while.

Don’t forget about this appliance.  On a large spill or fire, these are actually easier to use than the tank foam because you can just dip the eductor into the bucket and keep changing out buckets where as you  have to haul those 5 gallon buckets and dump them into the tank otherwise.  That is a pain in the a@#!

Anyway, they are a useful but forgotten tool on our trucks.  Get familiar or re-familiar with them.  There are some rules that apply when using them though.

Okay, homework, what are some conditions, requirements or limitations for the use of these eductors?  I don’t have any prize, but, this is a great training discussion.  Officers, make sure your engineers know how to use these.

Good luck and report back with your answers soon.

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  • Brad says:

    This can also be done with a TFT blitzfire or another deck gun using 2 and a half or 3 inch for defensive or unmanned monitors with relative ease.

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