Company Discussions: Redeployment?

What would you do at this point?

What would you do at this point?

There is a lot already taking place here.  A hose crew is at the door or inside.  A guy is taking out a window or something to that effect on the D side.  And someone is on a ladder.

There is some nasty smoke pushing out of this structure.  It definitely is under pressure.

Time is running out for keeping this in check and an interior attack.  We’ve all been here and we know how this can go.

At this point in the fire, what ventilation tactic would you use and why?

If you need to, redirect these crews and put them where you think they will make the most progress and explain your actions.

Share with your crew and post your discussion points.  We always get great feedback and we know you have some goo ideas, so, let’s hear them.

Stay safe and be careful.  Get yourself healthy and stay healthy.


  • Engine Captain Missouri says:

    Great picture Jason! This can and will be used for everything from size up, to the all important, but often forgotten, BACK TO BASICS!

    Be Safe

  • Truckie says:

    I would pull everyone out, if not already, get a “Par” count & get to the roof for horizional ventilation & go defensive. looks like you have fire coming from basement on right side of house, so you could have fire on all floors

  • 95%er says:

    roof would be vertical ventilation. windows are horizontal.

  • Eric says:

    First thing I'd do is get a good 360.  I'm assuming that's done and that the B and B/C corner is relatively flame free and the C/D corner is heavily involved.  
    Having said that

      Need to get that ladder over to the b side (doesn't look like he can reach the roof of the home from where he's at) and get a saw or axe up on the roof for vertical ventilation. d side of the roof at the rear near the peak is where I want the cut made.
    Can't tell if it's basement or crawlspace under the house and where the access is but we need a second hoseline at the access to that space because it looks like there's definitely fire there.


  • Scott C Elliott says:

    This is my department, 360 done. Fire in the walkout basement and fully charged the house. The fire vented itself on the D side at the landing of the basement stairwell. Crews made entry at the walkout basement garage door and the interior basement door. The fire was stopped in the kitchen. The insurance Co.pany eventually demolished the home though it was salvageable.

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