Company Discussion: Building Characteristics

What characteristics could you expect with this building?

What characteristics could you expect with this building?

Just about every jurisdiction in the country has a building like this one.

These are popular in the older downtown areas, especially in smaller towns and main streets.

Some of you may have fought a fire or two in a building similar to this one or done an inspection at one.

Based on your past experiences and this picture, what are some concerns you may have about this building?

How will those concerns determine your strategies and tactics?

What size lines and what conditions will you be looking for inside?

List your responses and share your experiences and thoughts.


  • DGKasmauskas says:

    Previous to fire? Something almost everyone can do now before the fire…change your local or state code to require retrofit of all commercial, educational, and multi-family occupancies with fire sprinkler systems.
    This fire…watch for floor integrity and concealed areas.
    Oil vats and fries that are on 24/7.

  • Logan Noyes says:

    Ok, first off, the main concern you would have is the temperature. smoke is tellin me its still not a hot fire. the biggest thing to worry about is, the age of the brick. the hotter it is, the more the brick is going to crumble and fall. those are the first things to look at. With it being a fried food joint, your going to have flammable liquids and all kinds of machines so water may end up spreding the fire. You would probably need an inch and a half to start out and check the status of the fire. if it is just a room and contents fire, a quick knock down would be neccessary and maybe an extinguisher or two could take care of any other flame. The smoke is also comin out of the front vent hole for the “attic”, so you would want to check for exposure and extension above the origin. you would naturally have the electricity shut off and would want to separate as much machinery as possible while the main fire attack/salvage is going on.

  • Vinnie says:

    With the front facade designed the way it is she screams bowstring truss. Lotsa fire overhead more than likely.

  • Truckie says:

    I agree with Vinnie on possible bowstring truss, if so you have limited time (15 to 20 min. Are Dispatch notifies Command every 15 minutes how long were in the incident. looks like room & content because of color of smoke, maybe a dry 2 1/2 backup line.

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