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Downed Firefighter Drills

Great video from the Denver FD on RIT drills and carries.

High Rise Deployment Stretch

Here is a good video of stretching from a standpipe to the fire room. It looks like a good way to control the hose and to reduce kinks prior to charging it.

Fire Flows for High Rise Packs

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Here are four great videos showing you the differences in the kind of nozzles and set ups for high rise firefighting.  If you don’t know about or visited the Brotherhood’s site, you really are missing out on some great stuff.  You can also become a Facebook Fan and get regular updates. Enjoy the videos and […]

Back to Basics Part 6: SCBA Drills

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Once the alarm goes off they just walk or stand as if they were conserving air. This provides them with an idea of about how long they can conserve their air if they do get trapped and their low air alarm does activate.

Addresses on Inspections

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Then I look at my list and see the same numerics on another inspection form with a different business name. This is what I find…..

Swiftwater Coming

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Make sure you wear personal floatation devices that are appropriate for emergency services. Make sure those PFD’s are on all apparatus and ready for service.

Residential Fire Sprinkler News per the Geezer

Be sure to take a look at Firegeezer and his report on residential fire sprinkler legislation in Pennsylvania.

Back to Basics Part 5: Cutting Drip Loops

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Cutting the drip loops requires some skill and knowledge to be done correctly. You must also have a set of appropriate cutters and ideally, some electrical gloves.

Light Fixtures?

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Now, let’s say that you get a call for an “odor of” or something similar that makes you check the attic. You pop open the hatch and here you have this.

More Company Discussions:You Are the Boss!

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Deploy your resources accordingly through what ever a first alarm will bring you. If you want to expand your alarms, hey, have at it.

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