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More on Light Weight Construction

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Check out this article for some great information and links in regards to light weight construction and the hazards that are associated with it. All firefighters and officers need to read this.

Old Building Systems

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As you can see from the picture, these wires are still in use with these old ceramic insulators.

Precarious Situations

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How would you handle a vehicle hanging over a cliff?

Company Discussion: Vacant Buildings Cont.

Just because a building is occupied does not make it inherently safe if it is on fire. The same is true for vacant buildings; just because it is vacant does not make inherently dangerous just because it is vacant. It also doesn’t mean it isn’t occupied.

Company Discussion: Vacant Building

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We need to plan for and be prepared for fires in vacant buildings. How do you approach these and do you do anything different with these buildings?

Garden Hose Conduit

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Stay alert on the fire ground and be aware of your surroundings. Not expecting the unexpected could be a shocking experience.

Showdown In MS

Anti-sprinkler legislation is stopped in Mississippi!

Company Discussion Series

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Get your crew together and make your assignments. There’s a fire and we need to make assignments.

Fire Stopping Sleeve

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Fire stopping sleeves keep fire wall ratings intact and allow penetrations to be protected.

Secondary Searches

When performing secondary searches, be methodical and thorough. You never know who might be hiding from the smoke and flames.

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