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Back to Basics Part 1: Ladders

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Whatever the circumstances, ground ladders are important and vital. Drill with them and make them a tool that is expected to be used.

Nashville Report on Cancer in Firefighters

Watch the video and stop to think about how we are exposed. Although we know about this, but, maybe we are getting the word out and the media exposure will help the cause.

Firestopping Collars

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No what your builders and contractors are using to protect penetrations in fire rated walls, ceilings and floors. Make sure they are doing it right.

Leadership and Respect

As an officer, you have added responsibility and become a management tool in one form or another. Although you have just been promoted and will now be viewed as an officer, your people will recall your prior actions to determine your initial level of respectability. Right, wrong or indifferent, what you did and how you acted and how you treated others before you were promoted will play a large role in how you are viewed and their respect for you or lack of respect will be based on those previous observations.

Dangerous Situation

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Do you know how to read the smoke and recognize the signs of backdraft?

Wind Driven Fires Part 1

Wind driven fires have killed many firefighters and burned even more. We must change how we operate and study this phenomenon to keep us and those we protect safe.

Investigating CO Calls

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Try to find the causes of CO when you do get readings and even when you don’t.

Crunched Up

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Make your decisions on how to extricate these victims and share your tactics with the rest of us.

Company Training

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Make company training fun and meaningful. Use this drill for improving the knowledge of equipment on the apparatus while getting the competitive juices flowing!

Making I-joists More Dangerous

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This is a weak spot in this floor and will sag. It will fail much faster if contacted with fire.

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