Back to Basics Part 3: Assignments

Assignments are important, use them.

Assignments are important, use them.

This picture says a lot to me. I know that it is a still frame and only a fraction of a second in time, but I believe it is telling.

We have fire venting from the Alpha side upper window, and from the Bravo side near the eaves.  There is no doubt that we have a good working job.

How many times do we see chaos from all parties involved when we show up to a fire like this.  Adrenaline is pumping and people are excited and ready to go.  Sometimes too much so.

With all of the chaos and effort to be first in, too many times we forget our assignments or tasks.  Everyone can’t be first in and the other jobs are just as important.

Looking at this picture I get the impression that these are some cool cats.  You have a team raising a ladder. You have a team with a hose line ready.  It looks like the officer is getting his stuff on a little behind his hose crew, maybe from completing his 360.  And there is a firefighter propping open the door.

This looks organized just from what I can see.  It looks good and I bet they took it to it.

Know your assignments and do them.  The best attack is a coordinated one when everyone is doing what needs to be done to accomplish the overall goal; safely get in and out after putting the fire out and removing all victims.

You must train this way and trust your crew for this to happen.  So, get out of the recliner today and do something as a team. Ask about assignments if you have questions and train, train, train, and train some more.

Take care and stay safe.

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  • Fire Student says:

    All to often having given assignments is taking to litely. Assisgnments help with not duplicating effort, freelancing, and in a mayday situatio can provide a little help as to the location for the firefighters missing.

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