Great RIT Pack Video

I have seen this video several times and I like to watch it as a refresher.  The Captain is excellent at explaining this and making it easy to understand and follow. I know the video is a particular brand, which we use, so if you use a different brand, send me a link of a similar video and I will post it.

It is important to be familiar with your respective RIT bag and equipment.  Be able to use this in the dark and with gloves on.  Be prepared if you are RIT and don’t take that assignment lightly.

Train hard and be prepared.


  • Engine Captain Missouri says:

    I’ll try to find one of our RIT Pack, we use MSA. From experience in using our pack and how it is set up. They are basically the same. It’s all in the training with your equipment, regardless of the brand name Brother.

    Be Safe!

  • FFAG says:

    Thank you for sharing this blog.

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