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Penetrations through a rated floor.

Penetrations through a rated floor.

This is a good example of penetrations in a rated floor assembly.  This looks like data cable and there are three collars.

What is important here is that the installation is done appropriately and per manufactures recommendations.

You also have to make sure it meets the required UL system that applies for this specific situation.

Notice how the cables are very close, maybe touching the side of the collar? Depending on the UL system and the type of material, you may be creating a void for smoke and fire to travel through.

If the fire puddy or caulk is not completely around the cables or conduit, when the puddy/caulk is heated and expands, there will be a void on the side that the cable or conduit is touching the side of the pipe or sleeve.

Just make sure you look at the UL system and the product recommendations so that you know what it can and cannot do.  If it isn’t done correctly, smoke and fire can spread.  Don’t be afraid to make a contractor dig all that out and do it right.

Check it out and be careful.

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  • Brad says:

    These are quite common along with the square plastic ones in the newer or modified buildings in my jurisdiction. NFPA 80 is your best source for info on penetrations and the requirements on how large gaps can be and also fire caulking penetrations in fire walls, ceilings and floors. NFPA 101 and 1 also cover this somewhat. Sometimes I have seen the contractor install labels from brands like Hilti describing the penetration along with the type of fire caulk used. Here is a great diagram I got from their website.

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