Back to Basics Part 2: Bring Your Tool!

Take your tools and be prepared for the fight!

Take your tools and be prepared for the fight!

When going in to do battle you must be prepared.  So many times I see crews going in to make an interior attack with just the hose line and now a TIC.

These firefighters look prepared for the fight. The hose is flaked up the stairs and waiting for water.  The crew is masked up and ready to go.

If you look hard,  you can see that two of them have tools in hand or on their belt.  And, look at the firefighter on the right, he has his hood on.

Taking a tool could mean the difference in you making it out of a bad place or not.  Not to mention it gives you additional reach while doing a search.

The uses are endless and important to you and your crew.  You may need to breach a wall, open a ceiling, force a door or two, just to mention  few.  How about a purchase point or anchor point to get yourself out of a basement??

Get with your officer and find out what each of you prefers to use and how you can compliment each other with bringing different tools.  But, hey, if you all want to bring the same tool, just bring it!

Remember, doing the little things keeps us out of trouble and gets the job done right.

Take care and stay safe.


  • Engine Captain Missouri says:

    Officers lead by example, always have a tool, teach your folks right the first time.

  • Fire Student says:

    My department made the choice for the officers to carry a mini Halligan and TIC. I would caution engine companies not to get to crazywith tools. Being able to manuever the line is still very important not to be fighting the tool box you brought in.

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