Ladder Bail Out Plus…..

Ladder Bailout from Vent, Enter Search.

 Take a look at this video and watch and listen to the communications.  There is a lot to learn here and these guys were under a lot of pressure. You can just feel it how they are talking and acting on the fire ground.

Use this as a training tool and learn from the experiences of others.  If you have already seen this, well, then watch it again.

Stay safe and be good to each other.  : )

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  • Engine Captain Missouri says:

    Jason, my crew used this as training yesterday, that my A/C joined in on. While we can and some Brothers do MM QB fires, including this job, what we all should do is learn and train on how to prevent this from occuring in our cities or Districts. We all have had fires go bad and if you haven’t, you’re lucky or haven’t been on the job long. Train, to survive! The fatality makes this fire even tougher for the Brothers that were there!

    Be Safe!

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