Nashville Report on Cancer in Firefighters

Nashville Fire Department Cancer Report

Part II

Watch the video and stop to think about how we are exposed. Although we know about this, but, maybe we are getting the word out and the media exposure will help the cause.

Stay safe and do your part to keep us all safe.

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  • Scott says:

    As the father of a volunteer fire fighter this has been a major concern of mine for a long time. Full disclosure I own a small US LED Lighting company who is trying to stop the use of plastics in LED lighting. I invented a ceramic LED Lighting system specifically because I couldn’t in good conscience introduce a product which increased the fire load or toxic smoke. Unlike all the other flammable things in our homes, lighting is located in the worse possible location from an auto-ignition or flame spread standpoint the ceiling. The acrylic and polycarbonate materials used in most LED Lighting sources have auto-ignition temperatures under 400C and rapid heat release rates. I’ve tried to get UL/NIST to address this problem but they see the increase of synthetics in our buildings as an inevitable trend. At what point does the fire fighting community push back for everyone’s safety. I have over 80 issued US patents and I can tell you there are always unintended consequences with any new technology. I invented our ceramic sources specifically to address what I believe are the hazards associated with plastic LED Lighting. A typical 2’x 4′ waveguide based panel light like you would buy at a big box store can have the same heat of combustion as a gallon of gasoline. That does not even address the issues of toxic smoke as these materials burn. UL addresses the safety of lighting regarding starting a fire but not as a fire load in a fire. Bear in mind that lighting use to be mostly glass and brass. It is rapidly becoming mostly plastic. Unfortunately, the government has put in place a series of rebates which specifically favor plastic LED Lighting mainly from China. Please look into the issue and reach your own conclusions. Thanks Scott

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