Investigating CO Calls

Make sure to check the gas-powered equipment on CO calls.

Make sure to check the gas-powered equipment on CO calls.

This time of year we get large number of CO calls.  We arrive and take a look at the home detector and start reading our own meter.

If we get readings we start to investigate the location of the source.

Normally this includes stoves, ovens, fire places, furnaces and water heaters.

But, what about when you don’t get any readings or they are very low?

Do you go ahead and check the equipment anyway?  If not, you might want to start.

By checking the possible sources you might be able to find a potential problem before it becomes one.  As we know from recent events in Kansas, these events can be very dangerous to the occupants and the emergency personnel.

Take some extra time to look for things that are possible threats.  As you can see in this picture, it might not be causing CO yet, but it is certainly a risk.

Stay safe and be careful.

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  • MNChief says:

    Our SOP includes starting all gas burning appliances to determine if they’re offing CO into the structure. Crank the thermostat, run the hot water!

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