Company Training

Make sure you know your apparatus.
Make sure you know your apparatus.


Here is a quick drill that you can use when the weather is bad outside or just to change things up a bit.

Number each compartment how ever you choose. You can use stick-it notes or flash cards or whatever.

Make a list of the items inside each compartment on a separate piece of paper.

(Just a note, the officer should be doing this without the crew).

Now, get your crew together and put all of the equipment labels in a bowl or box or hat or whatever you choose.  A fire helmet is easy to come by, so use that.

Have each person draw and write down on a pad of paper where he or she thinks the equipment is located.  When each person has finished, take them out to see how they did. 

Let the winner pick what your having for dinner or something like that.  Make it fun and don’t make it a punitive thing.  If you want, you could do it once a month and keep a running score.  I bet you have these guys/gals checking the truck more frequently and becoming more familiar with their equipment.

Stay safe and be careful.  Train hard and pass on what you learn.

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