Showdown In MS

A few weeks ago I posted comments  HERE about attempts in Mississippi to pass legislation that would prohibit the adoption of residential sprinklers.

I have received word today that efforts to stop those legislative actions have been successful.  In the email I received from the MS Chiefs Association:

HB 1291–Relating to prohibiting adoption of ordinance requiring installation of sprinkler systems in certain dwellings by municipalities and counties. Died in committee.

SB 2079–Relating to prohibiting municipalities and counties from adopting any ordinance, bylaw, order, building code, or rule that requires installation of a multipurpose residential fire protection system in a family dwelling. Died in committee.

This is good news and a win for the “good” guys.  Congratulations to the Mississippi Chiefs and all the supporters of residential sprinklers who helped in getting this legislation stopped.

Take care and stay safe.  Sprinklers save lives.

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