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Back to Basics Part 3: Assignments

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Know your assignments and do them. The best attack is a coordinated one when everyone is doing what needs to be done to accomplish the overall goal; safely get in and out after putting the fire out and removing all victims.

Great RIT Pack Video

It is important to be familiar with your respective RIT bag and equipment.  Be able to use this in the dark and with gloves on.  Be prepared if you are RIT and don’t take that assignment lightly.

More Fire Stopping–Puddy

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If the fire puddy or caulk is not completely around the cables or conduit, when the puddy/caulk is heated and expands, there will be a void on the side that the cable or conduit is touching the side of the pipe or sleeve

FDNY Special Ops Symposium

Check out the link to get for information on the FDNY Special Operations Symposium.

Cool Tool Ideas

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Using multiple tools can make forcing entry much easier and more effective, so it is beneficial to have more than one tool.

Back to Basics Part 2: Bring Your Tool!

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Taking a tool could mean the difference in you making it out of a bad place or not. Not to mention it gives you additional reach while doing a search.

Making Sure Beams Fail

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Steel will deform and twist and this beam will meet little, if any, resistance during a fire. I understand that a pocket of concrete will not keep this beam from dislodging, but it there is a reason for properly pocketing these beams.

Fire Officer Basics: Part 1

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Although everyone is responsible for safety and identifying unsafe conditions, the officer must continually keep a watchful eye on conditions.

Who Needs Junction Boxes?

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Just keep your eyes open and take note of this kind of stuff. These situations do start fires.

Ladder Bail Out Plus…..

Take a look at this video and watch and listen to the communications. There is a lot to learn here and these guys were under a lot of pressure. You can just feel it how they are talking and acting on the fire ground.

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