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Long Way Down

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Jump for it. These exits may require some agility to escape from.

Solar Tiles

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More solar tiles that may be difficult to identify. Be careful with these roofs. Take some time to check the meter for indicators of solar roofs.

Chief on Scene and In the Smoke

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Chiefs need to remember their tasks and responsibilities on the fire ground. As aggresssive as you want to be, stay safe and set the example.

More From Arizona–Yikes!

Here is more on the situation in Arizona.  I have attached the letter from the Fire Marshal. Things are getting crazy out there.  Be careful and we  need to rally the troops and fight these cuts.  Some of these programs are crucial for training and resources.   AZbudgetannouncement[1]   Read this letter, it is frightening […]

If It Keeps Tripping, Just Tie it Down

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Nothing like being resourceful with the electric. It keeps tripping the breaker, so let’s just tie it down.

Bulging Walls

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Look at all sides of the building, you never know what you will find.

Fire Stopping Penetrations Part 1

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Make sure fire stopping is intact and done correctly. The protection of penetrations is part of what gives fire walls their rating and prohibits fire spread from one fire area to another.

Cuts Could Jeopardize Fire Programs in Arizona

How far are states willing to go to get their budgets in line. The fire service is in the line of fire and we need to take a stand.

The Plain Clothes Vent Man

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Don’t allow this on your scene. There is no room for the Plain Clothes Vent Man at your calls.

Right in the Middle of It

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Situational awareness must be practiced at all times. Even in the platform.

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