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Cut Away of a Green Roof

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It’s hard to say exactly when we might run into something we know little about. Stay in touch with new designs and construction methods. You never know when a goat might fall on your head.

Who Should be at the Tip?

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Where your SCBA and all PPE when in and around an IDLH. Officers must make sure their people are safe at all times.

Who Needs Accessible Exits?

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Don’t let this pass inspection. These blocked doors can be dangerous and impede exiting patrons.

Row Houses

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This building fire give us many challenges and the need for resources. It is obvious we have extreme exposure problems. How do you handle this?

The Ingenuity Files

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Dish soap bottles are now adequate for electrical outlets.

Water and Fire, Oh MY!

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How do you deal with a fire with confirmed victims? Oh, did I mention that the streets are flooded with moving water?


This is a commentary about negative attitudes and complacency. We do and love our “job” and all of our “job.”

Burnt Breakers

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Burnt or melted breakers indicate overloads or other major electrical problems.

Know Your Buildings

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Boarded up windows can disorient and block our means of egress when in a fire. Know your buildings and always take a tool with you when enterior dangerous areas, like any interior operations.

Fiberglass Panels

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If you haven’t considered the impact that fiberglass roof panels can have you and your department, read the linked article and train and plan accordingly.

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