Painted Sprinkler Heads

Painted sprinkler heads will not activate.

Painted sprinkler heads will not activate.

Here is one example of why we should have an inspection program that includes  remodels.

I know that many times it is like pulling teeth to get engine companies out to do inspections.  And in some instances, they are too busy to do them.

But, most places have the time.

This type of head is often seen in residential, assisted living and other facilities that have over night occupants.  They may also be seen in some day cares but are not limited to the above mentioned occupancies.

A painted head will not operate as designed and could limit its effectiveness.  The end result could be the inability of the sprinkler system to control the fire and allow occupants to have more time to escape.

This head will need to be replaced.  The contractor or owner must be made aware that this head must be replaced and all other heads that may look the same.

Stay safe and train hard. Do your inspections, they are important.

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